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World-renowned three Michelin star chef, Yannick Alléno is a modern expressionist of French cuisine. But, being one of the best culinary chefs in the world was not enough… and this is why Yannick Alléno, now brings the biggest culinary book ever done.

Ma Cuisine Française is the best of 25 years of Yannick Alléno’s creations, a bible of the contemporary French gastronomy
This is the biggest cookbook ever made since it is composed of more than 1200 pages and 500 recipes.

Ma Cuisine Française is an authentic and luxurious piece of art.
It can be sold with a handmade display, imagined and created
by a very famous French artist.
This book appeals to the serious foodies who have made super-high-end dining a cult experience. Yannick Alléno is about to break the rules of French cuisine and to take a stand for liberty and culinary creativity.

Textes : Thibault Danancher, Alexander Lobrano,
Emmanuelle Maisonneuve.
Photos : Antonin Bonnet, Nicolas Buisson,
Satoshi Saikusa, Philippe Vaurès
Pages : 1200
Format : 37 x 48 cm
Price : 1500 euros
Publisher : Laymon





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